Sunday, April 3, 2011

Camping Wilcox Style

One of our favorite things to do as a family is go camping. Some people argue that it's not camping unless you tent camp but the trailer is the best I do. Here are some pictures from our trips.

Todd is showing off his Rpod and Emma is doing what she loves best. (Double Lake)

Double Lake had a lot of trails in the back of our campsite and the kids had fun exploring. 

At double lake we had a campfire friend. A raccoon stared at us all night and would glacier over every chance he got.

This is Emma bed. We stuck in the back of the bottom bunk and trapped her in with two pillows.

Within 10 minutes of us getting to Double Lake Wesley got stuck in the mud. The lake was right behind us with a trail leading to it. We decided then and there to move campsites to one that's not on the lake.  

This is at Cagle, it's on the North side of Lake Conroe. This is Emma's bike and she loved it she would always beg to sit in it.  

Wesley found something besides his sister to torment.

Maddie learned how to ride her bike on this camping trip!! We took some advice from some friends that told us to take off her petals for a few days so she can learn how to balance. After a year of frustration this trick worked and she learned how to ride a bike with training wheels.

 Todd and Emma had a long day.

Yes we camp with alligators!!!

We love to Dutch oven. Roast and potatoes you can't get better when you're camping!!


truetothefaith said...

This sounds like fun :) I've never been into camping. I'm not a big fan, but would be willing to try it if the hubby ever asked... and yes I'd need a camper of some sort!

fulfillingjoy said...

Where'd you go again? :)

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